You can enjoy
red meat and

Jukoen Akatsuki, a restaurant where you can enjoy yakiniku and wine, in Kichijoji, Musashino City.
Our selection of beef is centered around lean meat.
We have an amazing total of more than 15 varieties.
Enjoy a wide variety of lean meat cuts to your heart's content.
Because lean meat is relatively healthy and does not cause indigestion even after consuming a large amount,
it is popular among ladies and the elderly.
Enjoy it together with delicious red wine.
We are open for both lunch and dinner. Come casually anytime.




All prices include tax.

Akami no Omakase Mori
(Chef's choice of assorted red meat)
3 types x 4 slices (for 3 persons)


Easy-to-eat lean meat with little fat.
4 slices each of 3 types of lean meat, chosen by our chefs from 8 carefully selected varieties.
Try comparing the different textures and tastes of the different cuts.
You can try some not-so-common cuts such as "Round tip steak" and "Chuck tender."
We recommend that you mention this when you come to our restaurant.


All prices exclude tax.

[one-cut service]
At our restaurant, as a rule, one portion consists of 4 slices.
Those items labeled "1 slice" can be ordered by the slice, starting from a minimum of one.
This service is great for those who want to sample a variety of types of meat, or want to eat only one slice. All prices include tax.

One-cut service
We accept orders starting from one slice.

At our store, so that you can enjoy comparing various types,
we have a yakiniku menu that allows you to place orders starting from one slice.
For someone who does not want to eat a lot but wants to enjoy many types of meat,
this is ideal.
Please choose the meat that you would like from the wide selection on our yakiniku menu.

One-cut service menu

All prices include tax.

Tokujo Karubi (Premium boneless short ribs)
¥400 per slice
Jo Karubi (Superior boneless short ribs)
¥350 per slice
Hire (Tenderloin)
¥350 per slice
Hire Ninniku (Tenderloin with garlic)
¥350 per slice
Kamenoko (Top round cap off)
¥350 per slice
Kamenoko cheese (Top round cap off with cheese)
¥350 per slice
Tougarashi (Chuck tender)
¥550 per slice
Shinshin (Top round cap off)
¥350 per slice
¥350 per slice
Tomosankaku (Top round cap off with Wasabi)
¥450 per slice
Ranboso (Rump steak)
¥550 per slice
Premium Misuji (Top blade muscle)
¥500 per slice each
Misuji (Top blade muscle)
¥350 per slice each
Premium tongue with salt
¥400 per slice each



To match
the flavors of yakiniku,
we have a wide selection
of wines.

We have a wide selection of red wines to go along with our lean, red meats.
Glasses of wine start at ¥580, bottles at ¥2,780,
so please enjoy your favorite wine with your favorite lean, red meat.
If you call out to one of our staff, someone will bring you our wine list,
so please ask freely.

  • Glass Red/white¥580each
  • Bottle of wine ¥2,780~

We have a wine list,
so please ask inside the restaurant.


All prices include tax.


Lean meat luxury course
This course, with which you can enjoy lean meat to your heart's content,
is the pride of our restaurant.
  • ・Kimchi Assortment
  • ・Mixed raw vegetables
  • ・Sangchu (Free refills)
  • ・Tokujo Tanshio (Premium tongue with salt)
  • ・Tougarashi (Chuck tender)
  • ・Hire Ninniku (Tenderloin with garlic)
  • ・Shinshin (Top round cap off)
  • ・Kainomi(bottom flap)
  • ・gokujyo Harami(Premium inside skirt)
  • ・Amatsubo Curry
With a balance of lean meat and specially selected marbled meat
Bamboo plan
2.5 hours of drinking as much as you like
Minimum of six persons. Make reservations at least one day in advance.
  • ・Free refills! Nappa cabbage Kimchi
  • ・Mixed raw vegetables
  • ・Sangchu
  • ・Premium tongue with salt
  • ・Tokusen Shimofuri Niku (Select marbled beef)
  • ・Assorted vegetables
  • ・Akami no Omakase Mori (Chef's choice of assorted red meat)
  • ・Gokujo Harami (Supreme hanger steak)
  • ・Palate cleansing appetizers
  • ・Amatsubo Curry


All prices include tax.

Standard yakiniku course(8 dishes)
This course is arranged
with a good balance from our standard menu.
Pine plan (11 items)
Enjoy sea urchin wraps and a choice assortment of items.
A premium plan which includes
drinking all you want for three hours
¥10,000 per person
Special happy course(10 items)
This is a course with which you can enjoy special cuts,
including rare ones.
¥7,480 per person
Ume plan(7 dishes)
With a balance of lean meat and specially selected marbled meat.
With 2 hours of all you can drink
¥5,000 per person



Akami lunch
(Lean red meat lunch set)
Add meat +¥1,400

Lunch is also served at "Jukoen Akatsuki."
The lunch menu basically follows the style of a set menu, and includes meat, rice and salad.
Our "Three meats course" menu item, with which you can taste and compare different types of lean meat, is popular with all ages and genders.

All prices include tax.

Tokujo Tanshio lunch (Premium tongue with salt lunch set)
Add meat +¥1,500
MIX Tanshio lunch (Tongue with salt lunch set)
Add meat +¥1,100

1 drink included

Misuji lunch (Tenderloin lunch set)
Add meat +¥1,400
Wagyu marbled lunch (marbled lunch set)
Add meat +¥1,200
Special lunch (Premium boneless short ribs lunch set)
Karubi Lunch (Boneless short ribs lunch set)
Special¥2,400 Add meat +¥1,900
Deluxe ¥1,900 Add meat +¥1,400
Regular ¥1,500 Add meat +¥1,000


The smell does not transfer easily.
We are equipped with smokeless roasters.

We use only smokeless roasters in the restaurant.
Because we suppress the generation of smoke, you don't need to worry about the smell transferring to clothes or hair,
and you can enjoy the yakiniku.
Also, since the interior of the restaurant is quiet and fashionable,
it is ideal for anniversaries, dates, women's circles, etc.

  • 店内
  • 店内
  • 店内

赤身焼肉  寿香苑 あかつき

赤身焼肉  寿香苑 あかつき

Reservations and inquiries
Be sure to mention you took a look at our website.

Restaurant name
Jukoen Akatsuki
B1F Kato Building
Kichijojihoncho 1-30-16
Musashino City, Tokyo 180-0004
Business hours

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
※We will close at 23:00(L.O.22:00)on Sunday and the last day of long weekend and holiday.
Weekly holidays
3 minutes by foot from JR Kichijoji Station North Exit
Number of seats
30 seats
Private reservations
Credit Cards
Complete non-smoking in the store